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Things to know 
Whitemark is the centre of business on the island. Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday will have the groceries on the shelves at Walker's IGA Supermarket from the weekly boat from mainland Tasmania (unless it has ran into a sandbar...!!) You will get your drinks across the road from the Interstate Hotel. The butcher, who also stocks fish, is in the main street as well.
Bowman's store, adjacent to the Hotel, has daily newspapers. Buy the local Island News as well, to find out what is happening on the island.

The post office at Whitemark acts as a bank agency for Commonwealth as well as Westpac banks. There is no ATM on the island. You can get cash at the Walker's IGA supermarket as well.
All business closes for weekend at noon Saturday, including petrol. You can still get some groceries and petrol at the Lady Barron store, operating 7 days a week.
Whitemark has an Office Tasmania branch where you can get your fishing licence.

Eating out:
Interstate Hotel, Whitemark, 0363592114
Lady Barron Tavern, 0363593521
Deep Bite Café, Killicrankie, 0363598499
Freckles Café, Whitemark ,0363592138


Health Services
The island has a hospital and a doctor's surgery in Whitemark. If necessary, emergency flights by the Flying Doctor will promptly get the patient to Launceston.